Giving Societies

Darden recognizes and celebrates the generosity of our donors in four giving societies. Through their lifetime giving, annual leadership and loyalty giving, and planned giving, our donors have a transformational impact on helping the School’s ability to achieve our mission: to improve the world by developing and inspiring responsible leaders and by advancing knowledge.

The Principal Donors Society 

The School's highest designation for lifetime giving is the Principal Donors to Darden. The founding list includes many who are associated with Darden's establishment, history and facilities, and those whose vision and commitment led to Darden's surge to excellence. 

We honor these individuals and families who support Darden's mission to improve the world by developing and inspiring responsible leaders and by advancing knowledge. Principal Donors have truly distinguished themselves as the School's loyal stewards and are recognized for their extraordinary support in the entablature frieze of Rosenblum Entrance Hall and PepsiCo Forum. 

Members of Darden's Principal Donors Society:

Beverly W. Armstrong*^ (MBA '66) & Carol C. Armstrong
Thomas J. Baltimore Jr. (MBA '91) & Hillary D. Baltimore
Dorothy Batten (MBA '90)*
Frank Batten Jr. (MBA '84) & Aimee C. Batten*
Frank Batten Sr.^ & Jane Parke Batten*
E. Thayer Bigelow Jr. (MBA '67)*
W.L. Lyons Brown III (MBA '87) & Susanna S. Brown
James S. Cheng (MBA '87) & Jeanette Wang Cheng
James A. Cooper (MBA '84) & Stacy Cooper
Terrence D. Daniels (MBA '70) & Courtnay S. Daniels*
Colgate W. Darden Jr.^ & Constance Darden^*
George A.L. David (MBA '67)*
Charles G. Duffy III (MBA '87)*
U. Bertram Ellis Jr. (MBA '79) & Deborah H. Ellis
Lawton W. Fitt (MBA '79) & James I. McLaren*
Frank E. Genovese (MBA '74) & Susan L. Genovese*
Kristi W. Goodwin (MBA '02) & Matthew T. Goodwin
William H. Goodwin Jr. (MBA '66) & Alice T Goodwin*
William H. Goodwin III (MBA '95) & Crystal H. Goodwin
Robert D. Hardie (MBA '95) & Molly G. Hardie
Robert J. Hugin (MBA '85) & Kathleen Hugin
Martina T. Hund-Mejean (MBA '88) & Bruno J. Mejean
William I. Huyett (MBA '82) & Lauren M. Huyett
Thomas V. Inglesby (MBA '84) & Joan W. Inglesby
Gary T. Jones (MBA ’74) & Elizabeth Rhett Jones*
Peter D. Kiernan (MBA ’79) & Eaddo H. Kiernan
Martin L. Killgallon II (MBA ’72) & Deborah Killgallon*

* Founding Member
^ Deceased

William C. Killgallon (TEP ’76) & Susan Killgallon*
Philip W. Knisely (MBA ’78) & Patricia Knisely
Robert E. Lamb II (MBA ’70) & Charlotte Lamb
Bruce R. Lauritzen (MBA ’67) & Kimball Lauritzen^
Lawrence Lewis Jr.^ & Janet P. Lewis^*
H. Eugene Lockhart (MBA ’74) & Terry J. Lockhart*
Thomas C. MacAvoy^ & Margaret “Peggy” M. MacAvoy
John G. Macfarlane III (MBA ’79) & Dudley W. Macfarlane*
Richard A. Mayo (MBA ’68) & Sara Page Mayo*
J. Huston McCollough II (MBA ’75) & Joan S. McCollough*
Barclay McFadden III (MBA ’76) & Jane Perry McFadden
Melville Foundation
Marshall N. Morton (MBA ’72) & Caroline Morton
Michael E. O‘Neill (MBA ’74) & Patricia J. O‘Neill
Harry T. Rein (MBA ’73) & Susan D. Rein
Frank M. Sands Sr. (MBA ’63) & Marjorie R. Sands
Thomas A. Saunders III (MBA ’67) & Mary Jordan Saunders*
Douglas A. Scovanner (MBA ’79) & Mary M. Scovanner
John T. Siegel (MBA ’67)+ & Alice H. Siegel*
Henry F. Skelsey (MBA ’84) & Susan W. Skelsey
John R. Strangfeld Jr. (MBA ’77) & Mary Kay Strangfeld
Henri A.M. Termeer (MBA ’73) & Belinda Herrera-Termeer
James W. Todd (MBA ’64) & Sharon K. Todd*
Steven C. Voorhees (MBA ’80) & Celia H. Voorhees
David C. Walentas (MBA ’64) & Jane Walentas
Thomas R. Watjen (MBA '81) & Nannette A. Watjen
David N. Webb (MBA '77) & Nancy Shepherd Webb (MBA '77)
Donald M. Wilkinson (MBA '66) & Lucinda P. Wilkinson^*
Thomas E. Worrell Jr. (MBA '71)*
Darden Society Rosette
The Darden Society Rosette

The Darden Society 

Founded in 1996, the Darden Society recognizes leadership gifts of $2,500. The four most recent classes are recognized at the $1,000 level.

Sponsors’ Circle: $50,000 and above

Principals: $25,000–$49,999

Leaders: $10,000–$24,999

Fellows: $5,000–$9,999

Dean’s Roundtable: $2,500–$4,999

Abbott Associates: $1,000–$2,499 (Classes 2013–16)

Symbolizing the commitment to annual giving, a distinguishing rosette pin is given to all Darden Society members to wear during Darden and University of Virginia events. Designed exclusively for the society, the small, round rosette pin features a ribbon in the University's orange and blue colors encircling a design in Darden's original colors, red and gray.

Hickory Club Logo

The Hickory Club

The Hickory Club recognizes Darden alumni who have given consistently each year to Darden for a minimum of three years. Hickory was Dean Charles C. Abbott's ever-loyal black Labrador retriever and is a symbol of the dedication Darden alumni express for the School through consecutive giving.

The Cornerstone Society

The Cornerstone Society comprises alumni, parents, faculty and friends who have made planned gifts to the University of Virginia or its related foundations, through wills, living trusts or retirement plan assets; gifts of life insurance; charitable gift annuities, and charitable remainder trusts or lead trusts. The Cornerstone Society lays the groundwork for the University's achievements in the decades ahead.

Members of Darden's Cornerstone Society continue to secure the success of our School with provisions they have made for future generations through planned gifts. For more information about planned giving, visit the UVA planned giving webpage.

For more information about giving societies, please contact Samantha Hartog, director, Annual Fund, at +1-434-982-2151.