Self Assessment

We believe that the best results in pursuing careers come from using the "fit" model, which entails knowing who you are and the key drivers and priorities in your life. Armed with this information, you can evaluate careers and specific job opportunities to find the best fit with your interests, passions, values and skills. Here are several options for you to consider:

A Weekend Guide to Self Assessment and Career Development is a paper-based, shorter version of this process. Please note that this document may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form without the permission of the Darden School Foundation.

CareerLeader is an HBS-connected firm that offers a web-based assessment vehicle. It assists you with crafting a career path and vision that will meet your needs and maximize your success. The service provides actionable information that you will use to identify the career path and work culture that suits you best matched on your life interests, skills and motivators. This product costs approximately $75. Contact us to obtain the private registration key to receive this discount, available only to Darden alumni.

Job Objective Exercise

Formulate a plan by completing this Job Objective Exercise.