Charles C. Abbott Award

The Charles C. Abbott Award is named in honor of the first dean of the University of Virginia Darden School of Business. The award is presented annually to a graduate of the Darden School or The Executive Program whose contributions of time, energy and talent are outstanding. The Alumni Association recognizes the recipient as an individual who:

  • Demonstrates a strong level of interest in and concern for Darden’s mission
  • Commits a generous amount time, energy and funds to Darden
  • Brings initiative and persistence to projects and responsibilities
  • Is regarded by other stakeholders as an outstanding contributor

Past Recipients of the Charles C. Abbott Award

2015 John R. Strangfeld Jr. (MBA '77)

2014 Gary T. Jones (MBA ’74)

2013 Henry F. Skelsey (MBA ’84)

2012 E. Follin Smith (MBA ’85)

2011 John G. Macfarlane III (MBA ’79)

2010 Terrence D. Daniels (MBA ’70)

2009 Wallace Stettinius (MBA ’59)

2008 Donald M. Wilkinson (MBA ’66)

2007 Steven S Reinemund (MBA ’78)

2006 H. Eugene Lockhart Jr. (MBA ’74)

2005 Thomas A. Saunders III (MBA ’67)

2004 Warren M. Thompson (MBA ’83)

2003 George A.L. David (MBA ’67)

2002 Beverley W. Armstrong (MBA ’66)

2001 Connee B. Sullivan (MBA ’82)

2000 George E. Barbee (MBA ’67)

1999 Martin L. Killgallon (MBA ’72)

1998 Frank E. Genovese (MBA ’74)

1997 Palmer P. Garson (MBA ’83)

1996 Lucien L. Bass III (MBA ’65) and R. Van Whisnand (MBA ’68)

1995 C. Ray Smith (MBA ’58)

1994 E. Thayer Bigelow (MBA ’67) and William H. Goodwin Jr. (MBA ’66)