Alumni in the Media

The Darden Office of Communication & Marketing provides a weekly media report to Darden and its alumni. The media hits involving Darden alumni are excerpted below. We welcome you to share your news by sending a link to the Communication & Marketing team for inclusion.

13 Aug 2015
Features Alexander Bazhinov’s (MBA ‘15) start-up DreamPower
13 Aug 2015
Jay Faison (MBA ‘95) promotes clean energy and climate preservation with his ClearPath organization
Also in: The Charlotte Observer
05 Aug 2015
InfoWorks merges with FocusPoint, led by Darden alumnus Nathan King (MBA '07)
Also in: MSN

04 Aug 2015
Jerry Peng (MBA '03), CEO and chairman of Shandong Tranlin Paper Company
04 Aug 2015
Lawton Fitt (MBA '79) joins ARM Holdings board
04 Aug 2015
Lawton Fitt (MBA '79) joins ARM Holdings board and audit committee
Also in: Noodls (United Kingdom), Stock Market Wire (United Kingdom)
03 Aug 2015
Mentions Darden in reference to Zachary Upcheshaw (MBA '15), a current associate at Goldman Sachs
02 Aug 2015
Actress Lisa Jakub marries to Jeremy Jones (MBA ’03)
Also in: The Roanoke Times
29 Jul 2015
Patrick Graney (MBA ‘81) elected to City Holding’s Board of Directors
Also in: Wallstreet Online (Germany)
29 Jul 2015
Features Sarah Rumbaugh’s (MBA ‘15) start-up RelishMBA
29 Jul 2015
Patrick Graney (MBA ‘81) elected to City Holding’s Board of Directors
Also in: Yahoo! Finance, Morningstar News
29 Jul 2015
Cynthia Ashworth (MBA ‘90) joins DocuSign
Also in: Yahoo! Finance, News 9
28 Jul 2015
Mark Templeton's (MBA '78) retirement from Citrix
27 Jul 2015
Wade Smith (TEP ‘09) named senior vice president of American Electric Power
Also in: CNN Money, The Business Journals
23 Jul 2015
Martin Erzinger (MBA ‘15) discusses crop genetics and nutrition
22 Jul 2015
Features RelishMBA created by Sarah Rumbaugh (MBA '15) and Zach Mayo (MBA '15)
21 Jul 2015
Interview with Patrick Kehoe (MBA ’91) on piracy’s implication on advertising
20 Jul 2015
Sarah Rumbaugh (MBA ’15) quoted on business school preparation
Also in: The Canton Rep, Times Reporter, The Daily Reporter
20 Jul 2015
Christian Walkenhorst (MBA ’00) joins Ernst & Young LLP’s Sacramento office
10 Jul 2015
Engagement announcement of Meagan Welch (MBA ’11) and Christopher Brandriff (MBA ’09)
10 Jul 2015
Nestor Blanco (MBA ’98) mentioned
06 Jul 2015
Interview with Djunadi Satrio (MBA ’96) on Zomato company
06 Jul 2015
Author is Simon Constable (MBA ’97)
06 Jul 2015
Charles Hill (TEP ’96) is appointed to the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors
Also in: Virginia Tech News
03 Jul 2015
K. Brewer Doran (MBA ’78) is new dean of Offutt School of Business
Also in: Inforum
29 Jun 2015
Interview with recent Darden alumna Sarah Rumbaugh (MBA '15) on her company Relish MBA
26 Jun 2015
Sean Gobin (EMBA '14) discusses his nonprofit Warrior Hike program
23 Jun 2015
Interview with recent Darden graduate Jennifer Schretter (EMBA ’15)
21 Jun 2015
Quotes Batten’s Erika Herz and Matthew Markee (MBA '01) on alternative energy
18 Jun 2015
Announcement of Mark Sweeney’s (TEP ’04) retirement from Caterpillar
18 Jun 2015
Features RelishMBA, a Darden student venture created by recent alumna Sarah Rambaugh (MBA ’15)
16 Jun 2015
Nate Rose (EMBA ’09) is promoted to Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Hannon Armstrong
Also in: The Business Journals, Baltimore Business Journal, CNN Money, Yahoo! Finance
11 Jun 2015
Announcement of Mark Sweeney (TEP ’04) retiring from Caterpillar and FG Wilson
Also in: Chicago Business Journal, CNN Money
11 Jun 2015
Veteran Sean Gobin (EMBA ’14) explains his choice of business school
11 Jun 2015
David Miller (MBA ’72) is appointed to the board of visitors of VMI
03 Jun 2015
Rives Potts (MBA ’78) to give keynote address at The Landing School graduation
02 Jun 2015
Andrew Abela (Ph.D. ’03) is appointed as new Catholic University Provost
31 May 2015
Interview with Sarita Talwar Finnie (MBA ’01)
31 May 2015
Mark Huber (EMBA ’13) is new plant manager for Alcoa’s Wenatchee Works
Also in: The Columbian
28 May 2015
Darden alumnus Steve Sinkula (MBA ’05) joins Agrinos as Vice President
Also in: ABC News 4
27 May 2015
A.T. Kearney appoints Robert E. Willen (MBA ’95) as Managing Director in Middle East region
Also in: AME Info (United Arab Emirates), Zawya (United Arab Emirates)
26 May 2015
Luke M. Beshar (TEP ’90) appointed to Board of Directors of Fluorinov Pharma
Also in: News On 6, Morningstar News
26 May 2015
New President of PaySimple is Jeffrey S. Gardner (MBA ’99)
26 May 2015
Scott Crawford (MBA ’91) joins as Chief Revenue Officer of Terapeak
24 May 2015
Naren Gursahaney (MBA ’89) joins NextEra Energy Board of Directors
24 May 2015
Animal health company Zoetis Inc. announces appointment of Paul Herendeen (MBA ’83)
22 May 2015
Author is Jeremy Shinewald (MBA ’03)
22 May 2015
Co-author is Jared Whatcott (MBA ’05)
21 May 2015
David Edwards (MBA ’93) discusses financial advisers and investment decisions
19 May 2015
President, CEO and Co-founder of Enviva Partners is John Keppler (MBA ’02)
18 May 2015
Michael E. Gazala (MBA ’91) to speak on data-driven marketing
18 May 2015
One of co-chairs for StarNight 2015 is Bubba Morgan (MBA ’72)
17 May 2015
Kurt P. Miceli (MBA ’10) mentioned
14 May 2015
Carlos Ruiz (MBA ’02) is announced as senior executive of Zenith Energy
Also in: Houston Business Journal, Austin Business Journal, San Antonio Business Journal, Reuters US News, CityBizList (New York)
08 May 2015
Celgene CEO Robert J. Hugin (MBA ‘85) interviewed at Shanghai Investing Summit, where he was a keynote speaker
08 May 2015
Robert M. Blue (EMBA ‘08) announced as senior vice president of Dominion
Also in: Dominion, Morningstar, PR Newswire, Washington Business Journal, The Business Journals, Reuters US News, CNN Money, International Business Times
07 May 2015
Robert M. Blue (EMBA ‘08) is announced as senior vice president of Dominion
06 May 2015
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Commercial Credit is Darden alumnus Roger Gebhart (MBA ‘86)
04 May 2015
Author William Gamble (TEP ‘97)
28 Apr 2015
Interview with George Tahija (MBA '86)
28 Apr 2015
Covers Luke Beshar's (TEP ‘90) appointment to REGENXBIO’s board of directors
Also in: Spoke, Digital Media Net Forums, AZ Central, Morningstar News, BioMedReports, BioSpace
28 Apr 2015
John Keppler (MBA ‘02) is president, CEO and co-founder of Enviva Partners, LP
27 Apr 2015
Matthew J. McAfee (MBA ‘05) is promoted to group vice president of M&T Bank
24 Apr 2015
Covers Hillary Lewis' (MBA ‘13) journey to entrepreneurial success
21 Apr 2015
Peter Bethell (TEP ’91) will present keynote address at 2015 Coal Prep.
20 Apr 2015
Robert Hays (MBA ’97) joins private equity firm Levine Leichtman Capital Partners
14 Apr 2015
Mike Sicoli (MBA ’96) joins GTT
08 Apr 2015
John Law (MBA ’83) is newest member of Greylock Federal Credit Union's Board of Directors
01 Apr 2015
Hillary Lewis (MBA ’13) promotes her organic juice product sold nationwide
30 Mar 2015
Charlie Vaughters (MBA ’07) welcomed to First Tennessee Bank in Richmond.
30 Mar 2015
Dr. Douglas S. Ingram (TEP ’91) announced as chair for Welbeck's new board of advisors.
10 Mar 2015
Company executive is Ward Timken (MBA ’93).
10 Mar 2015
Darden alumnus Jim Sommers (MBA ’64)
Also in: Charlotte Business Journal
10 Mar 2015
Appointee Robert Schoenvogel (MBA ’06)
Also in: Fishing Tackle Retailer
09 Mar 2015
Appointee Eric Hausman (MBA ’04)
24 Feb 2015
David Edwards (MBA ’93) authors post.
Also in  Yahoo! Finance, Money
20 Feb 2015
Darden alumnus J. Milton Childress (MBA ’83) appointed senior vice president and CFO
Also in Street Insider, CityBiz, 4-Traders, Wallstreet Online
19 Feb 2015
Stephen Winters (TEP ’96) elected co-chair of the national board.
26 Jan 2015
Steven C. Voorhees (MBA ’80), CEO of RockTenn, named CEO of combined company
21 Jan 2015
Darden alumna Jill Douthit (MBA ‘03) quoted and Darden alumnus Jerry Peng (MBA ‘03) mentioned
by John Reid Blackwell
Also in Danville Register & Bee
09 Jan 2015
Darden alumna Gargi Apte (MBA ‘14) quoted
by Anumeha Chaturvedi
08 Jan 2015
Darden alumna Christa Avampato (MBA ‘07) authors post
07 Jan 2015
Darden alumna Christa Avampato (MBA ‘07) authors post
01 Jan 2015
Darden alumnus Everette Fortner (MBA ‘87) quoted
by Lorenzo J. Perez
26 Dec 2014
Darden Professor Fairchild, Senior Researcher Yemen and alumni Apte (MBA ‘14) and McPhaden (MBA ‘01) author the 98th edition of The Washington Post/Darden “Case in Point” series.
by Gerry Yemen, Gregory B. Fairchild, Gargi Apte and Greer J. McPhaden 
22 Dec 2014
William Gamble (TEP ‘97) authors article
20 Dec 2014
Darden alumnus Doug Campbell (MBA ‘80) mentioned
by Cliff Ennico
15 Dec 2014
William Gamble (TEP ‘97) authors article
12 Dec 2014
Darden alumnus John Morton (MBA ‘92) quoted
by Dan Peltier
12 Dec 2014
Darden alumnus Neil Hoffman (MBA ’05) quoted
by Nina Zipkin
12 Dec 2014
Darden alumnus Neal Hoffman (MBA ’05) pitches product on “Shark Tank”
11 Dec 2014
Darden alumnus Jeff Lyons (MBA ‘98) authors article.
09 Dec 2014
Darden alumnus Brian McDonald (MBA ‘92) mentioned.
Also in Yahoo! Finance (Australia)
08 Dec 2014
William Gamble (TEP ‘97) authors article
08 Dec 2014
Darden alumnus Neal Hoffman (MBA ‘05) interviewed
02 Dec 2014
Darden alumnus Jeff Sutton (MBA ‘08) presents
25 Nov 2014
Darden alumna Ritu Jain (MBA ‘10) quoted
by Bryan McKenzie and Dean Seal
23 Nov 2014
Darden alumnus Jason Gabriel (MBA ‘05) pictured
by Lauren Jones and Ashley Patterson
20 Nov 2014
Darden alumna Cranor (MBA ‘80) mentioned
18 Nov 2014
Darden’s 7th annual University of Virginia Investing Conference profiled; Darden’s Richard A. Mayo Center for Asset Management, alumnus Mayo (MBA ’68) mentioned; Darden alumni Ned Hooper (MBA ‘94), Charles R. Cory (MBA/JD ‘81) W. Barnes Hauptfuhrer (MBA/JD ‘81), Robert S. Craine (MBA ‘79) and Robert J. Hugin (MBA ‘85) quoted
by Carlos Santos
13 Nov 2014
Darden alumnus Keffler (EMBA ‘10) profiled
12 Nov 2014
Darden alumnus Baijnath Ramraika (MBA ‘09) authors article
12 Nov 2014
Darden alumnus Scott Price (MBA ‘90) quoted
by Matthew Miller
11 Nov 2014
Darden alumnus Duarte Monteiro (MBA ‘10) mentioned
(In Spanish)
11 Nov 2014
Darden alumnus Scott Price (MBA ‘90) quoted
(In Chinese)
10 Nov 2014
William Gamble (TEP ‘97) authors article
09 Nov 2014
Darden alumnus Scott Price (MBA ‘90) interviewed
by Leslie Shaffer
Also in MSN Money
08 Nov 2014
Darden alumnus Scott Price (MBA ‘90) quoted
by Matthew Miller
01 Nov 2014
Darden alumnus Price (MBA ‘90) profiled
(In Chinese)