Declining an Offer

There are times when an effective job search pays off with more than one offer of employment. If you find that you need to decline an offer, consider the following tips:

  • When declining the offer, be as gracious as you were when establishing first contact. You'll want to include these contacts in your network going forward and ensure they still have a positive impression of you.
  • Without being critical of their company or offer, simply let them know you're making a decision that is in your best interest and fits your situation. Be positive in your tone and refrain from disclosing too many details.
  • Tell them you regret that you will miss the opportunity to work with them … after all, they liked you enough to offer you a job. Wish them success in their business.
  • Communicate your decision to each person with whom you interviewed, particularly the hiring manager. Express to your key contact(s) that you hope to stay in touch in the future and consider connecting with them on LinkedIn.
  • Offer to make a referral for the opening to another excellent candidate in your network if possible. Of course you can also suggest that they post jobs on the Darden Alumni Job Board.