References and Checks

At some point in the interview and evaluation process, most employers will conduct informal or formal checks on you which could include your online presence, recommendations, references, credit history, grades, etc.

Internet Checks

Most recruiters today use search engines (eg. Google search) and professional networking groups (like LinkedIn) to check out a candidate’s public identity. So, you should be aware of your online persona and what a search of your name turns up. Ensure that an online search of your name results in a positive and professional image and that your online presence matches your more traditional marketing materials. For example, do your resume and LinkedIn profile have the same job history? Do recommendations for you portray the kind of information you want recruiters to consider?

Today there are online services to help you monitor and take control of the information available about you online. One such service,, provides free search and alerts plus fee-based services to improve or correct your online presence.

If there is anything at all in your public identity that might present a problem for your candidacy, be prepared to address this up front with a potential employer.


Almost all employers require references at some point in the hiring process. Develop a list of at least five contacts (preferably most recent direct supervisors, indirect supervisors, peers and direct reports) and be aware of what these individuals will say about you. Also, make sure that you know what is in your official employment records (for example, did you officially resign or were you terminated).

Allison & Taylor is a professional fee based reference-checking and employment verification firm dedicated to providing professional and executive-level candidates with a valuable service – research and advice on the most strategic use of references to ensure a successful transition.

Darden Transcripts

To order an official copy of your Darden Transcript, please follow the directions on the University of Virginia Registrar website. Most alumni are able to order transcripts online. However, those alumni who have not taken at least one course at the University since 1985 must make their requests in person or by mail (which may take two business days or longer). We recommend that alumni consider ordering an official sealed transcript for themselves to have on hand in case you encounter a time-sensitive situation which requires this document.

Credit Checks

Many employers will request to run a credit history of an applicant during the hiring process. Employers may use this information to confirm identity or to verify that an applicant is responsible with his or her own finances. For complete information about the legal issues relating to pre-employment credit checks, visit the Federal Trade Commission.

You can review your credit reports for free, once per year, from the major credit bureaus:

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