After the Interview

Write Down Notes

Immediately make notes about the position, each interview, and follow-up instructions. Jot down what you feel went well, and not-so well during the interview, and any skills you did not have a chance to discuss or expand upon. Your notes will be useful in writing thank you letters.

Evaluate the Interview

What questions were the most difficult? How did you feel? Is there anything you failed to communicate that they still need to know? Keeping track of the questions you were asked, especially those that you did not answer well will prove to be very useful in the practice and preparation for subsequent interviews.

Thank you letters

Snail mail or email, typed or handwritten, promptly send a thank you note! You may use this as an opportunity to reiterate (or introduce) a few key points to sell your background. If you interviewed with several individuals, make sure each person's letter is unique. Sincerely compliment the interviewer or his/her company, express your interest in the position and restate the follow-up action that was agreed to during the interview. Click here to view a sample thank you letter.


If you don’t hear from the employer according to the timeline given, you should politely and persistently follow-up to indicate your continued interest.