Electronic Resume Submission

In today’s world of electronic job search, it is important that your resume transmits well via email. Since computer and printer setups vary, the way an MS Word document is delivered on email or at a printer can be different than the version you think you sent. To prevent distorted formatting including incorrect page breaks, different font or messed up margins, it is wise to send your resume as a .pdf file. (“pdf” actually stands for “portable document format.”)

Most employers’ databases and applicant tracking systems now accept .pdf files, but if your resume format is rejected, try sending it as a “.doc” file with very basic formatting. Avoid over-formatting and refrain from imbedding graphics or pictures in a resume that you upload into an employer’s electronic system. Do make a point of including the keywords (including the likely title of the position you are seeking) in your resume so that the system’s search can “find” you.

For additional information about submitting resumes electronically and being found by electronic search tools, read Lisa Vass’ article entitled “Resume, Meet Technology: Making Your Resume Format Machine-Friendly" found at TheLadders.com.