Formatting Resumes

Resumes should be no more than two pages, typed, with no errors or mistakes. Here are formatting suggestions for each of the resume sections:

  • Heading: Your complete address, phone number and e-mail address organized in a logical manner that fits the style and look of your overall resume. Sample headings
  • Summary: This is a brief summary (two or three sentences) that describes your overall expertise and skills. Sample summaries
  • Professional Experience: This is the detailed body of your resume where each employer is identified including your last job title, work location and dates of service. Underneath each firm are your bulleted entries which emphasize your experiences, results and skills. Sample professional experiences
  • Education: This is the section that specifies your academic degrees, honors, activities and schools attended. Sample education entries
  • Additions and Deletions: Certifications and affiliations that are relevant to the position and the type of work that you wish to perform should always be included. The same is true for language and other special skills. Information that should not be included are items such as salary history, personal information or references.
  • Action Words to include in writing resumes – Sample action words