Once you have decided to leave your current job there are several actions to take to ensure a graceful ending. Regardless of your reasons for leaving, you will likely want to maintain networking relationships with your colleagues, therefore ending on a positive note is essential. Here is a suggested list of steps for a smooth departure:

  • Ensure that your plans do not violate any non-compete or other agreement that you have with your employer.
  • Before notifying management, secure all files, information and contacts that you'll want to take with you.
  • Delete personal e-mails and documents and be prepared to turn in any company-owned equipment.
  • Prepare a succinct resignation letter. Here is a sample resignation letter.
  • Schedule an appointment with your manager to inform him/her of your decision to resign.
  • After informing your manager, notify your colleagues, staff and others outside the organization.
  • Determine an end date and start date that best meet the needs of all parties involved. Plan to stay in your current role for at least two weeks to transition your responsibilities and for the company to begin finding a replacement. Document as much information as possible to ease the transition.
  • Be prepared for the possibility that you'll be asked to leave immediately. Do not take it personally, this may be standard company protocol.
  • Maintain your professionalism, remaining positive throughout your final days on the job. Avoid complaining and stating grievances, or acting on any negative feelings about the job you're leaving.
  • Thank those who have helped you. Let them know where you will be working and how you may be reached.
  • Inform your broader network, and update your contact information in LinkedIn, the Darden Alumni Directory and other associations or groups.
Check out our Career Corner blog: Exit with Grace for more information
Check out our Career Corner blog: Exit with Grace for more information Read More