There are many factors (in addition to compensation) to consider when weighing an offer. Our Compensation & Benefits Checklist is intended to help you consider your offer(s), compare multiple offers and prepare to negotiate.

Prior to receiving a formal offer, make sure that you have covered each of the following:

  • Reporting relationship
  • Career paths
  • Six-month goals
  • Review process
  • Policies: rebuilding staff / initiatives
  • Your specific functions / responsibilities

Upon receiving an offer, express enthusiasm but no commitment. Get details on the start date, salary, bonus, incentives, relocation and equity and ask for the employee handbook and company benefit literature. Agree on a time frame (several days to two weeks) to review the offer and come back with questions and your answer.

If you need to "buy" time, here are several delaying tactics that may provide 2-3 weeks before giving a decision:

  • Propose a trip to review real estate
  • Ask for an additional meeting to meet more team members
  • Ask to meet with HR to review policies and details
  • Get the offer and all materials in writing

Whenever possible, negotiate directly with your hiring manager, but use HR to answer questions and provide guidance on company policies. You will only get one chance to negotiate the final offer, so you must review all of your requests during this session. Develop a list and prioritize it – know what is essential and what is optional. Be willing to give up certain items (add a few extra for this purpose if you feel the need). Be reasonable and polite. At the end of this process you need to have developed a strong working relationship!