Job Postings

There are hundreds of job posting sites available to job seekers and talent sourcing professionals; however, less than 10% of landed jobs are the result of solely responding to a published opening. Job boards can be distracting and can consume one’s search time. An integrated approach coupling job postings with networking can be very effective. Optimize the use of job postings in your search by setting job alerts on targeted job boards.

Most companies post openings on their own company websites, pulling candidates directly into their applicant tracking systems.

MBA and Executive job sites

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Non-US Opportunities

Alumni groups (like The Armstrong Center for Alumni Career Services) maintain boards to facilitate targeted access to their alumni. Third party websites are targeted to specific sectors, industries, functions or geographies, attracting a distinct, more highly qualified talent pool which is appealing to recruiters. The mega-sites (i.e.,, contain a broad range of jobs which produce enormous pools of applicants making it cumbersome for recruiters to uncover relevant candidates. These mega-sites tend to be a waste of time for Darden alumni. Some job sites “crawl” the web and extract postings from the other sites. These crawlers do the surfing for the job seeker. LinkedIn is also a source of job posting – check Career tab on Company Pages and Job tab on Group pages for targeted job postings.

If you do an internet search for “Executive Job Posting sites” you’ll get a plethora of suggestions for top job boards. The job boards we have found most useful to Darden alumni are listed above. Again, we can’t reiterate enough how important it is to use postings as one tool in an integrated job search which incorporates leads with personal connections. Ideally, you want to be introduced to an opening BEFORE it is ever posted!