Marketing Yourself

Once you have a clear Career Objective and all of your Marketing Materials prepared, you are ready to approach the market. To use your marketing time most efficiently, it helps to understand how technology has impacted and continues to evolve the way organizations source talent. Job posting sites first took the place of newspaper classifieds, but public postings often inundate recruiters with an unmanageable volume of irrelevant candidates applying for jobs. Thus, recruiters have embraced the widely available searchable databases of professionals (like LinkedIn) where they can pull candidates rather than push a job listing. Perhaps the most important impact of LinkedIn and other social networks is that hiring managers, themselves, now have easy access to their professional networks – allowing them to source candidates without the help of a recruiter.

Job seekers need to adjust to these developments to become "visible" and reach targeted companies and decision makers. On the following pages we provide information and resources to help you access them using three key channels, with Networking being the most important:

Here is a list of special resources that may also be helpful:

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