Your Story

A very common question asked during most interviews and meetings is "Tell me about yourself." You must have a great opening pitch to "wow" the listener. Most people decide if they like you in the first 30 seconds and whether they are really interested in pursuing your potential employment in the first five to eight minutes! How you answer this simple question usually makes the difference in a successful interview.

Story Sample

Your story should immediately show why you are a prime candidate for a particular position or role. It relates your past experiences and skills to the position that is open. It must also convince the decision maker that you will benefit them in accomplishing their goals and objectives. Here are some hints to assist you in creating your story:

  • Keep it short: 30 seconds to no more than one minute for networking conversations and two to three minutes in an interview setting.
  • Prepare several versions for a variety of situations.
  • Show energy and passion for your story.
  • Talk about your skills and experiences that are relevant to your objective.
  • Demonstrate skills by providing examples of your success and achievements.
  • Show specific examples of relevant accomplishments.
  • Add a "differentiator" that helps people remember you.
  • Avoid giving a chronological account of your life.
  • Practice your story with friends before using it in a professional setting.