The purpose of a resume is to gain a meeting or an interview with a decision-maker. Your resume must demonstrate that you have the relevant skills and experiences for the desired position. It must also demonstrate how the hiring party will benefit from hiring you. Your resume is a marketing document, not a historical document.

Creating your resume starts with understanding the market and positions that you are pursuing. The best resumes reflect market research. Look for job postings on the best job boards or company's website in order to see what skills and experiences are in demand. Ask friends to send you job descriptions that match your goals. Use these to identify the skills and experiences that companies are seeking, paying special attention to the buzz words used within that company, industry and/or position. Next, match your own skills and experiences with those that companies are seeking. This becomes the basis for a resume that markets you to your chosen audience.

Resume readers rarely spend more than 35-40 seconds skimming your resume, so it must be very easy to read and provide the needed information. Use the following resource to develop a resume that will get results:

Resume Style Guide

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