Marketing Plans

Developing a marketing plan helps you take a comprehensive look at your target market. It will confirm that you are casting a wide enough net and that there are enough potential positions available to achieve success.

The marketing plan should include:

  • Your job search objective.
  • A clearly defined statement about what type of position you are trying to market yourself to.
  • Three to four sample positions that fit your objective.
  • Your value proposition or positioning statement. To create this, develop an understanding of what potential employers seek for these types of roles and describe yourself in those terms.
  • A list of your competencies and traits relevant to the roles.
  • A segmented list of companies. This will enable you to target sectors, identify useful networking connections and provide focus for conversations. To compile this list, research the market and gather information using databases. Some may only be accessible through your public library, your local chamber of commerce or other regional websites (e.g. Book of Lists, online business journals).

Use this sample marketing plan as a guide.

More resources are available in the Employer Research section of this site. Informational interviewing and networking conversations can help refine your target list.